Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer is almost dark

Where did the time go? One month. I saw the stars two nights ago for the first time in 4 weeks. And after all of that; I realize how much you can truly fit into 30 days. kayaks and lonely beaches, Microscopes and children, rain and sunshine, yoga and bicycles, alpine and sand, new land. I spent my last night in Alaska with two dear Colorado friends who also will begin their journey south after spending a year in the land of wild. this time was different. I feel like a tourist. Am i happy? indeed. I had never spent a summer on the road systems; following campers and watching people's eyes light up as they pull over on the turnigan arm to take pictures 4 feet from the highway. I feel privileged to have the experience of new places. to share these places. and so off again to Oregon. Another year.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

off the radar

Oregon Sunshine 
Multnomah Falls
     Madison, Wisconsin   

                                                                                              Indiana BBQ                                                    
Homer Alaska 

Off the radar.... summer has began in full swing. A month of travels, of reunions with beautiful friends, of places dear to my heart. For the last 9 months I have lived in Oregon, a second round in the universe that exists around a college campus. I watched Oregon go to sleep over the winter. watched snow fall and explored places covered in moss and lava rock. I've learned what it means to live close to my food, my small community is saturated with farms and local goods. And then the spring came and I watched Oregon wake back up, the foxglove pop up all over the hills, the rivers flow full force. I watched the sun return to the sky and scare away the rains and dark clouds that seemed to exist each morning. Did I mention I am now a bit of a champ at riding my bike in the rain (except when it is dark, stormy and I forget my lights... but we'll talk no further of that one!) Indeed, I experienced a new home. And yet today, again, I write from a place I love so dearly. Someone recently told me that if you are unfinished than you will be summoned back but if your work is done than let it exist as a fond memory. I must not have completed my list because I am finding new adventures and seeing places that I never knew. To have loved and lost? No- to have loved and learned. this time I return  with knowledge of place. I know where to find what I love most- it exists at the lowest of tides.