Wednesday, January 26, 2011

life is full plates

 Sometimes the best places come after the longest excursions. Maybe this is what I am on track for? I found myself telling C the other day that I cannot wait until my life slows down again. Sure it has always been long hours (I think this is what I am destined for in life) but it is different these months. I never properly learned to balance a dinner plate on my arm, being oh so graceful that I am. While my other AK ladies could carry three or four, I only carry two. I just chalk them full and it all balances out I suppose. It keeps me on my toes. My repose these days found in the oddest of places; making yogurt, tending to my composting bins, or enjoying chicken on a stick with a Hamms beer. It is amazing how any food item can be transformed into a source of innovation if you just jam a stick into it. This particular weekend a long journey in search of hotsprings (which turned into an even longer journey because of closed roads and snow) turned up the relaxation I think my body craved but my brain wouldn’t let me admit to.  My inner hot spring junkie was fulfilled. The hot water is piped in from the springs via carved out logs.  Piped through a series of tubing, it is then filtered into a bath-house style building. Larger logs have been whittled away to form tubs and are filled by each user by diverting the hot spring water and mixing it with cold buckets of water from a streamed source.

Saturday, January 1, 2011