Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pied de mouton

    the early arrivals.... the gardens are getting planted and the forest is beginning to bloom once again. Last weekend a small harvest of early mushrooms graced our egg scramble after a quick hillside foray. The season is upon us. The lettuce is starting to appear in small quantities on dinner plates and the spinach and kale has taken it's holding in the garden beds. The fava beans growing larger by the day. The tulips and daffodils have competition.  I sat one morning at the kitchen table, a cup of black coffee in hand and watched T carefully layout and count the new wallawalla onions that were bound for our modest beds. Up until recently the garden attire consisted of rubber boots and dainty steps. The back yard over the course of the winter months took on the consistency of  chocolate pudding; so much in fact that the dogs adapted to skirting the perimeter to avoid the sink. Curious to the project, Huckleberry (the furry foot) repeatedly stepped on the organized shoots. T pushed him back and scolded, but to no avail. I could do nothing more than sit back and smile at the site from my seat behind the glass.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the power of magic

Magic places; we've all been to the place that you know holds magic because of the way it makes you feel. Sometimes it's under a tree, by a stream, maybe even an old barn or someones home. L and I recently got back from a venture in Kauai. The first portion of our trip, we stacked on packs and hiked our way into this valley. Unbelievable. So unbelievable in fact that on the day we were to depart, we instead spent the morning doing yoga on the beach, bathing in the stream and reading books. A Hawaiian monk seal visited the sands for a lofty nap. For 10 days we slept on beaches, explored trails, watched the sun disappear each evening into the sea. We drank wine, ate unmentionable amounts of chocolate and wild tomatoes. We realigned ourselves with a slower pace of life once again.
 Dreams, Desires, Love, and Exploration.... magic places.