Monday, May 13, 2013

Cabin Life in Ketchum

Structured life has begun once again. I found my way to Idaho a little more than four months ago. Prior to that I lived out of a truck. And while the truck took me to many adventures, most of which revolved around the desert south west, my heart yearned to settle. I wanted to garden, I wanted to can food, I wanted to wake up in a bed.

Life took me here. A new job turned into much more. It has turned into a new chapter in life. With this chapter came a new pup named Lily, a perfect quaint little cabin in the woods and boundless opportunities to explore, adventure, visit beautifully amazing hot springs and reunite with true nature. So this is my life. Today I finally rode my bike to work only to realize that the fixed gear commuter that carried me mile after mile in flat Corvallis, Oregon is a real monster to try to ride up hill in a hellish headwind. I suppose one of two things will happen. Either I will get in pretty darn good fixed gear shape real fast or the more likely outcome: the Oregon commuter will be swapped for something a little more hill friendly.  

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