Sunday, November 24, 2013

The summer is gone

It's November. Practically December. The summer has come and gone. The aspen leaves around my quaint little home have turned and fallen. Months marked by learning a new place. I'm not actually sure where it went but so it has. I've come to realize that keeping up on a blog for me is not easy but I do know that it is still there. Posts from the last years travels, and experiences. From meeting people, living and moving on. Such is life. Today I opened one of my old journals. I've affectionately began referring to it as my adventure book. Those who know me best, know that I love lists. They seem to make order out of chaos. Looking at the few pages that I scribbled in, I found a list. What joy! A life list of sorts and all quite large projects if I do say so myself. On that list- become a yoga instructor, get my masters degree. check, check. Four more items remained unchecked but that is okay, I'm still working on it.  Here I thought may be a good place and time to share some moments that have unraveled over the last months. Reader enjoy.

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